Communist Party History Education in Shajiabang Suzhou

        The Communist Party of China (CPC)has undergone one hundred years of trials and hardships. In order to inherit the party genes, to carry forward the party culture and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the CPC, party members of students from the School of Software Engineering of USTC went to the Shajiabang Red Education Base in Changshu, Suzhou on a sunny day.We went there to learn the history of the CPC and to follow the path of the CPC, and to pay reverence to the hardship history of the ancestors.

Shajiabang Scenic Area includes Shajiabang Revolutionary Historical Memorial Hall, Luwei Wetland, Hengjing Old Street and other scenic spots. Following the footsteps of the guide, we went on visiting the spots in turn.In the museum, we saw delicate pistols, huge artillery as well as many revolutionary historic photos and revolutionary cultural relics on display.On the theater pavilion part of the drama “Shajiabang”was being performed. Through the vivid interpretation of the actress, A-Qingsao’s witty and brave image came to life.By watching the photos as well as the drama we got the vivid understanding of those hard times and appreciated more about the hard-earned happy life.

Theater Pavilion

The tour to Shajiabang allowed us to appreciate the beauty and ancient history of Shajiabang, and meanwhile, we also had a deeper understanding of the history of the revolutionary forefathers, who left their legacies to enjoy and spirits to learn for future generations.On the motherland, we are motivated to open up and innovate with great enthusiasm, to establish a scientific outlook on the world, on life and on values, and to be indifferent to fame and wealth with the spirit of selfless dedication.